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‘Anarchism And Ireland’, Workers Solidarity Movement, Dublin, 1989.


‘Anarchism And Ireland’, Workers Solidarity Movement, Dublin, 1989.

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The Amazing Life of Fiesty Social Justice Activist Lucy Parsons

Lucy Parsons was a dynamic, militant, self-educated public speaker and writer—she became one of the first prominent women of color to crusade nationwide for socialist and anarchist causes.  She started life in Texas, born into slavery in 1853. She was of Mexican American, African American, and Native American descent and after emancipation, the life she chose led to conflict with the Ku Klux Klan and many nights in jail.

She found a committed soul mate in Albert Parsons, a white man whose Waco Spectator fought the Klan and demanded social and political equality for African Americans. The white supremacy forces in Texas considered the couple dangerous and their marriage illegal, and soon drove them from the state.

Lucy and Albert reached Chicago, where they began a family and threw themselves into two new militant movements, one to build strong industrial unions and the other to agitate for socialism. Lucy concentrated on organizing working women and Albert became a famous radical organizer and speaker.

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